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Welcome to the

Veterans AVL

the Veterans AudioVisual Library

Below is a selection of documentaries and music that we hope you will enjoy. If you wish to add your own audio-files to the

Veterans AVL click here

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Keeping The Peace - Her Story

Sharon Duggan talks about her experience on her tour of duty in the Irish Army with the United Nations peacekeeping forces in Lebanon. What made her apply to serve in an active war zone and what dangers did she face as a soldier and as a woman?

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Tiime Up In Somalia

In 1993, Irish troops were part of the United Nations Operation in Somalia. Treasa Davidson joins the c100 of The Irish Army Transport serving in Somalia as part of UNOSOM II. We hear first hand from the soldiers about their experiences.

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Mayo Boy, Vietnam Hero

The story of Patrick 'Bob' Gallagher who emigrated to the United States from County Mayo in 1962. He fought in the Vietnam war and for his bravery was awarded the prestigious Navy Cross medal. Just weeks later, he was killed in combat

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Tribute To General Richard Mulcahy

Presented by Kevin Nowlan, colleagues & commemtators pay tribute to General Richard Mulcahy (1886 - 1971)

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Congo Chronicle

An insightful documentary by Cathal Goan on Irish Soldiers working with the U.N. in the Congo during the 1960's.

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