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The 'upload' facility ONLY applies to solo artists / and/or groups that follow us on Twitter. Your tracks / videos will be added to our RadioVision 1 playlists

To upload an audio track to RadioVision 1 :-

1.  Email your MP3 file to

2.  Please include your Name / Group Name

3.  Please include your Twitter name

4.  Please include your track / song name(s)

     Your audio track(s) will appear on the RadioVision1 within 24 hours

To upload a video track to RadioVision 1 :-

1.  Please click on this link...

2.  RadioVision YouTube Collaboration Link

3.  When 'the link' is open, use the search-bar to find your videos(s)

4.  Save your video(s) to RadioVision 1

     Your video(s) will appear on our playlist / website within 24 hours.

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