RadioVision - Users Guide

1.  Radio Mode & Vision Mode

2. Vision Mode - Buttons

3. Vision Mode - Full Screen

4. Station Pages - Videos & Links

5. Uploading Your Music

1. Radio Mode & Vision Mode

By default, this website will open in Radio Mode. This will allow you to listen to any one of 4 stations. To change stations, simply click on the 'Play Icon' of your choice.

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On mobile devices, you can save battery power by pressing the power-button on your device once. This will close the screen but the radio station of your choice will continue playing. The station will mute automatically when you receive a phone-call and will resume when your call is over. 

To change to Vision Mode, click on this button . You will have to turn on your station of choice again.


2. Vision Mode - Buttons

The layout of the buttons / icons will depend on your device but all have the same functions in all devices. 

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The Primary Quick Links are 24/7 Live TV News, Documentaries, Location Cameras and Audio Books. Some visitors to our website prefer to use our Grid Menu which shows all the options on one easy to navigate page. Lastly, the Station Page icon under each station 'play button' links to the page dedicated to that music genre / group.


3. Vision Mode - Full Screen

This unique feature allows you to listen to the station of your choice while playing one of the radiovision-backgrounds that suit your mood. Follow these steps ..

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NOTE :- Some mobile devices allow you to cast the screen to other devices such as laptops / desktops and TV's. Check your device 'Settings' for more information.

4. Station Pages - Videos & Links

Radio 1 is dedicated to the music of Solo-Artists and Groups who have a Twitter profile. It displays the Artist and Track-Title and includes direct links to more to their music.   

Radio 1 Links Ex.png

Radio 2, Radio 3 & Radio 4 offer 1000's of hours of music dedicated to their respective genres. These pages also have numerous live-concert and studio-recorded videos. You can scroll down through these videos individually or alternatively, you can quick-search through the videos using these three easy steps.  

On Mobile Devices

Search Videos GIF.gif

On Desktops / Laptops

DTLT - Search Videos.png

5. Uploading Your Music

Radio 1 is dedicated to the music of Solo-Artists and Groups who have a Twitter profile. To upload your music to Radio 1, click on the below. . If your music is Classical it can also be added to Radio 2. If it is Jazz, Blues or Swing it can also be added to Radio 4.

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